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We’re EverMarket—a new kind of online marketplace built on trust, transparency and community.
You’re in on the ground floor. Be one of our founding members and help us get it right!

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Be good, or be gone. It’s not just a motto. It’s what this thing is all about. EverMarket is home to people like you—people who value trust. We are working hard to provide features that let the world know that you are trustworthy. We are also putting scammers and predators on notice: the porch light is on now, and you are
not welcome here.


What you see is what you get. Our Open Offer System ensures the fairest deal for both the buyer and seller by shining a bright light on everyone involved. Everyone sees all communication between buyers and sellers. Everyone wins—everyone but scammers.


Calling all little league coaches, soldiers, band directors, garage-salers, bargain hunters, bikers, yogis and everyone in between! Get to know your community—both your neighbors and people who share your interests—to create new connections, buy and sell gear, and even meet up for special events.

How it works

Visionary, yet refined. Simple, yet powerful. EverMarket incorporates unique features that make buying and selling online the safe, easy, fair, community-minded experience you’re looking for.

Trust Badges

EverMarket’s Trust Badges signify someone’s trustworthiness. When you see the Trust Badge, you can buy and sell with confidence
and without fear.


No more juggling between emails, texts and phone calls. EverMarket is a one stop shop for listing, negotiating and communicating. We keep it fair and transparent with the Open Offer System — everyone sees all communication between buyers and sellers, in one place, all while having their private information protected from scammers.


Communities are a place for people near one another or people who share common interests to come together and transact—neighbors, fans, believers, charities, causes and aficionados of every stripe. Let your hair down and breathe deeply.

Pre-register with your email and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to launch.