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Classifieds are clunky. Auctions are impersonal.

EverMarket is the simple way to buy, sell and trade online. Sign up now and discover why. It's free!

Your stuff is valuable; your time, invaluable.

Stop juggling emails, text messages and phone calls. EverMarket's innovative Offer System makes negotiation simple and transparent.

Upload photos from your iPhone or iPad.

No cables. No SD cards. No hassles. Upload photos from your iPhone or iPad to evermarket.com.

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Introducing EverMarket

Beautifully Simple

Apple Devices

Nothing is more beautiful than an app that saves you time.

Upload photos from your iPhone or iPad to evermarket.com with the EverMarket app.

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How It Works


  1. Mobile PhonePost a listing
  2. Speech BubbleNegotiate with several buyers
  3. Check MarkAccept the best offer


  1. Magnifying GlassSearch for something you want
  2. DollarOffer something to the seller
  3. PencilNegotiate with the seller and other buyers

What Is the Offer System?

Throughout history, people have traded goods and services for more than just cash. People negotiated in person and face-to-face. Unfortunately, buying and selling on the web can be restricted, complicated and opaque—until now.

EverMarket's Offer System enables the trading of goods, services and cash in any combination. All negotiation occurs on evermarket.com and is completely open—buyers, sellers and the general public can see all messages. Everyone is anonymous until a seller accepts a buyer's offer. Then, the seller can email the buyer and complete the transaction.

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